Lollipop Day!

We are celebrating the treat on the stick today! Do you know that lollipops had been around for so long? In the form of a sweet concoction of sugar and flavouring they have existed since the times of Ancient Egypt but the first confectioneries that closely remind modern-day lollipops are dated back to the Middle Ages.

Today Lollipops come in various shapes, flavours, sizes, and colours and people enjoy them whenever they want to reach for something sweet. They used to have a bit unhealthy reputation because of high sugar content, but it has been changing nowadays. Applying sugar replacements and more natural ingredients has resulted in more healthy products. We are also contributing to help lollipops becoming healthier by providing wide range of natural ingredients for lollipops manufacturers as follows:

  • Natural aromas and flavours (wide range of varieties)
  • Liquid and powder natural colourings
  • Natural sweeteners for sugar replacement (e.g. xylitol)
  • Natural fruit juices and lyophilised fruits (powder and granulated forms)
  • Anti-sticking agents (liquid, paste-like and solid a high separating effect and utmost stability)

If you want to get know more details please get in touch with our food experts across CEE
Now, no matter which flavour your prefer, Lollipop Day is all about celebrating this tasty sweets so let’s enjoy as many lollipops as you want without feeling guilty about it. :)

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