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HSH Chemie provides professional advice and support to the Building & Construction Materials sector. As the No. 1 chemical wholesaler and distributor in CEE, we offer extensive experience and knowledge.

Chemical distributor for the Building & Construction Materials sector

HSH Chemie is the No 1 chemical distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, with over three decades of experience distributing chemical products throughout the region. We have built a solid reputation for professional competence and dependability in all our business dealings. Our extensive delivery network spans 13 CEE countries, with over 30 warehouses strategically located, our supply network even extends worldwide. We can assist customers in the Building & Construction industry in a wide range of areas. The following overview shows our far-reaching competences.


Product groups for chemicals in Construction

Thanks to our strong history in delivering industrial chemicals, we have access to a wide range of raw material for the Building Industry. The portfolio includes all common raw materials as well as numerous specialties.

Particularly noteworthy is our own production for metylcelluloses and redispersion powder. Our own production for MC & RDP is a unique selling point in the industry. The ability to manufacture these two products at the request of customers is unique.

In addition to our chemicals used in construction, we recommend you look at our other market specialty pages to learn more about our chemical materials.

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We are pleased to introduce our latest product catalogue, providing a wide product range for the Building & Construction industry. 

High-quality with the range and experience of HSH Chemie

We are happy to support our customers in the development and improvement of new and existing recipes. Our innovation centre in Poland is equipped with modern analysis and laboratory equipment which allows us to support you in the development of your products. On request, we can produce customised methylcelluloses and redispersible powders in our factory. The products are well-known in the market under Cellq and Veovaq.

We specialize in various construction chemical ingredients and recognize that all providers must ensure that the appropriate goods are delivered to their clients on time. As a result, HSH Chemie offers supply quantities ranging from small weekly throughputs to large volumes for industrial sites. Do you have special delivery needs? We make sure you receive your order “just in time”.

Benefits of HSH Chemie

HSH Chemie as your partner provides commercial advantages in numerous ways.

Deep Knowledge

More than 30 years of professional experience in chemical distribution in CEE.

Highest Reliability

Our mission is your satisfaction as customer or supplier. Everywhere. And always on time.

On Location

CEE is our core. That is why we have offices on location. And we have been doing so since 1989.

Strong Logistics

Over 30 warehouses at important strategic locations in CEE form a strong network.

Product Group Search

Find the product group that suits your needs. Please contact us by using the contact section at the bottom of this page.


  • Accelerators
  • Aluminium Powders
  • Aluminium sulphate accelerators
  • Anti foaming agent
  • Air-entraining agent


  • Bonding enhancer


  • Calcium Formate Strength Accelerator
  • Carbon fibre for antistatic
  • Carbonate Fillers
  • Carbon black Pigments


  • Defoamer
  • Dispersing agent
  • Dustbinder
  • Diatomite Fillers


  • Epoxy current agent
  • Epoxy resin


  • Hydropbing agent
  • Hydrophobing agent


  • Inorganic Pigments


  • Kaolin Fillers


  • Mica Fillers
  • Metallic  Pigments


  • Organic Pigments


  • Plasticizers
  • Precast Mould Removers
  • Polymer dispersions (Acrylates, Styren acrylates, VeoVa)
  • Polymers for Concrete Modification
  • Perlite Fillers


  • Retarder
  • Rheological additives
  • Redispersible powder


  • Styren-butadien- latex


  • Talc Fillers
  • Titanium dioxide Pigments


  • Wetting Agents

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