Chemical Warehousing

Thanks to our expertise as a chemical distributor, we are known as a reliable partner for warehouse logistics in Central and Eastern Europe, including long-term and temporary storage solutions, pick-ups, distribution and administration services.

Warehouse Logistics for the Chemical Industry

As a chemical distributor that is well-known for excellence throughout Central and Eastern Europe, HSH Chemie has a wealth of knowledge to share about the storage of industrial chemicals and chemical warehousing. Throughout our broad network in Europe, we are highly regarded as problem solvers who can deal with chemical materials safely and in accordance with the local safety regulations in place.

As a chemical wholesaler, our technical know-how in warehouse logistics and chemical products goes hand-in-hand, so we can produce tailored solutions to meet a variety of different needs. Our reliable chemical warehousing services are, therefore, suited to numerous industrial applications. 

Benefits of our Chemical Warehousing Service

HSH Chemie provides commercial advantages in chemical warehousing in numerous ways.


We provide buffer storage whereby quantities of chemical materials can be called off as and when they are needed

Delivery Security

We ensure stock security is maintained by providing additional chemical storage facilities.

Central Purchasing

We offer central purchasing solutions so that both traders and suppliers can buy in large quantities.

Short Delivery Routes

We deliver with short lead times thanks to our network more than 30 warehouses throughout Europe.

Warehouse Services in 13 Strategic Locations

HSH Chemie is the number-one operator in chemical distribution in Central and Eastern Europe, with more than 13 subsidiaries spread throughout the CEE. Given our long-standing presence in over 30 European countries, our chemical warehousing and logistical solutions are suited to the local culture and market conditions of all the territories we operate in.

It is for this reason that so many operators in the chemical industry trust us with their chemical warehouse management today.

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More Solution Services

In addition to our full service distribution business, we also offer further solution services for our customers and suppliers to meet their needs and requirements. Each of these services can also be arranged individually.

Production Services

HSH Chemie has a proven track record in providing high-quality Production Services.

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Supply Chain Solutions

HSH Chemie provides reliable and trustworthy services in Supply Chain solutions.

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Quality Management Services

We have the quality controls and compliance procedures necessary to deliver the highest market standards.

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