Mergers & Acquisitions Services

HSH Chemie is a chemical distributor that can act as a reliable partner in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Our merger service is suitable for all operators in the industrial chemicals industry.

Mergers & Acquisitions Services for the industrial chemicals sector

As the No. 1 chemical distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, HSH Chemie's decades of experience make us a reliable partner in mergers. We can help with the increasing complexity in the chemicals marketplace, including the expansion of procurement channels, and assist with entering CEE markets, generational transitions, business consolidation, advanced sourcing, and more.

Mergers & Acquisitions Services benefits

Because we have so much local knowledge to draw upon in CEE, our Mergers & Acquisitions Services offer numerous commercial advantages.

Complexity Management

We leverage our expertise to help with highly complex merger and acquisition processes.

New Market Acquisitions

Our know-how and contacts mean acquisitions throughout the CEE become easier to manage.

Generational Transitions

We help chemicals companies to transition generationally to meet today's market demands.

Advanced Sourcing

Our international supplier network can help to open up new sources of chemical materials.

Merger services for CEE

With branches in 13 CEE countries and more than three decades of experience as a chemical wholesaler and distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, our know-how with Mergers & Acquisitions is available to all industrial chemicals companies that want expert assistance. We understand local differences and market niches, meaning that we are ideally placed to provide knowledgeable assistance to companies wanting to enter CEE countries through new market acquisition processes. Whether we are helping with complex marketplace rationalization or looking to expand procurement channels on behalf of our customers, our services are professionally delivered and come with exceptional levels of chemicals sector expertise.

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