Supply Chain Solutions

With decades of experience in chemical distribution and Supply Chain solutions, HSH Chemie provides reliable and trustworthy services to both customers and suppliers of specialty chemicals alike.

Problem-solving logistics management and Supply Chain Services

Thanks to our broad and well-established networks, HSH Chemie is the No. 1 chemical distributor in Central and Eastern Europe. We offer Supply Chain reliability, as well as excellent customer relations in both new and established markets. Due to our expertise in the organization and distribution of chemical products, our customers enjoy Supply Chain Services that provide true commercial solutions.

HSH Chemie's Supply Chain solution benefits

Our Supply Chain Services offer numerous commercial advantages.

Single Point of Purchase

A single point of purchase simplifies the progression from enquiry to delivery.

Material Requests

We've either got the chemical materials or can source them – fast.

Import from Overseas and New Markets

Import from new markets thanks to our expertise in global logistics management.

Chemical distribution in over 30 countries

Benefiting from over 45 years of trading in industrial chemicals and logistics management, HSH Chemie is where you should turn for both chemical distribution and Supply Chain management. Not only are we the No. 1 chemical distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, but we also have the global expertise that allows us to import from overseas. With 13 branches in CEE, our in-depth knowledge of local markets is one of the prime reasons we are so trusted throughout the region.

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More Solution Services

In addition to our full service distribution business, we also offer further solution services for our customers and suppliers to meet their needs and requirements. Each of these services can also be arranged individually.

Production Services

HSH Chemie has a proven track record in providing high-quality Production Services.

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Quality Management Services

We have the quality controls and compliance procedures necessary to deliver the highest market standards.

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Chemical Warehousing

HSH Chemie provides expertise in chemical warehousing with over four decades of experience.

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