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As a leading chemical distributor and wholesaler, HSH Chemie can offer experienced advice to the home care industry. We provide technical support and help you do satisfactory business with our wide range of home care products.

Established supplies and distribution networks throughout CEE

With over three decades of experience as a chemical wholesaler and distributor, HSH Chemie has built broad and well-established networks across CEE. With a reputation for trustworthiness, reliability, and technical prowess, we are the preferred partner for many companies in the Home Care sector. With over 30 strategically located warehouses and extensive knowledge of local markets, we can provide expert advice and assistance to those interested in our comprehensive range of chemical products for the Home Care sector.

Offering full support throughout the procurement process, HSH Chemie can give guidance on abrasives, colorants, coalescents and plasticizers, disinfection compounds, dispersant polymers, and more. Customers are supported in making the right decision at the right time, and we also understand that suppliers must ensure that their customers are also satisfied. Therefore, as a trusted name in the chemicals industry, if you deliver, HSH Chemie is the right partner for Home Care chemical distribution.

Product groups for the Home Care sector

HSH Chemie's broad spectrum of Home Care chemicals can be filtered for ease of browsing. Search our listings for colorants, emulsifiers, fragrances, impregnating agents, preservatives, surfactants, silicones, wax emulations, and more. As the No. 1 chemical distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, we can provide a comprehensive, high-quality selection of chemical products for Home Care sector customers and suppliers alike.

To learn more about HSH Chemie's range of Home Care chemical products, as well as other specialty industrial chemicals, please browse our website and get in touch with our expert team.

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We are pleased to introduce our latest product catalogue, providing a wide product range for the Home Care industry. 

Technically advanced solutions for the Home Care industry

We offer a diverse portfolio of surfactants for the Home Care sector, including basic and eco-friendly options suitable for eco-label products. The increased demand for disinfectants in a post-corona-pandemic world is met with our wide range of effective cleaning agents. We cater to the vegan trend, as well, by providing vegetable-based alternatives for fabric softeners, for instance.

HSH Chemie is dedicated to supplying innovative and sustainable solutions to the Home Care sector. By continually updating our product range to meet the evolving demands of the market, we ensure our clients have access to high-quality, environmentally friendly, and trend-conscious options.

Our effective bio-based surfactants, for example, ensure efficacy of the final formulation in cold-water, thereby offering energy savings. Furthermore, our biodegradable blends are compatible with hydrogen peroxide-based formulations while offering stabilizing and thickening effects. In the realm of premium fragrances, we prioritize natural origins and low toxicity. Our solvents are clear, colorless and completely water-soluble as liquids. They are multifunctional, eco-friendly, and readily biodegradable, presenting an excellent alternative to glycols.

Our natural opacifier can be used to replace synthetic cosmetic opacifiers without risk of nanoparticles.

With such technically advanced products, you can place your trust in HSH Chemie for all your Home Care chemical needs.

Benefits of HSH Chemie

HSH Chemie as your partner provides commercial advantages in numerous ways.

Deep Knowledge

More than 30 years of professional experience in chemical distribution in CEE.

Highest Reliability

Our mission is your satisfaction as customer or supplier. Everywhere. And always on time.

On Location

CEE is our core. That is why we have offices on location. And we have been doing so since 1989.

Strong Logistics

Over 30 warehouses at important strategic locations in CEE form a strong network.

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