Sustainability Services

With over 45 years as a chemical distributor, HSH Chemie places great importance on sustainability. We promote efficiency increase, reduction of material consumption, and other sustainability gains.

Professional services for sustainable distribution and production

HSH Chemie has a wealth of know-how as a chemical distributor and wholesaler. We draw on our knowledge of chemical materials to solve sustainability concerns across a wide range of issues. From sustainable distribution to production measurements and product substitution, our services are wide-ranging. We have proven reliability in chemical distribution that underscores our sustainability promise.

Benefits of our Sustainability Services

Our key sustainability benefits as a distributor of industrial chemicals.

Production Measurements

Improved sustainability with the latest production measurement technology.

Reduction of Material Consumption

Reduction of material consumption to lessen environmental impact and lower costs.

Efficiency Increase

Impactful efficiency increases in all areas from production to distribution and logistics.

Sustainable distribution in over 30 countries

HSH Chemie has more than three decades of experience as a chemical wholesaler, specializing in the distribution of chemical products and related services. With 13 regional branches serving over 30 countries, we're ranked No. 1 in chemical distribution in Central and Eastern Europe. That means we're trusted by our customers and suppliers to provide the knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to address sustainability concerns effectively.

Additionally, we know the culture and local market conditions in the areas where we operate. Our embedded expertise as a chemical distributor makes us the right service partner to address today's sustainability concerns. Our depth and range of experience, combined with intimate regional knowledge and representation, means we're trusted in all areas of the chemicals industry.

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More Solution Services

In addition to our full service distribution business, we also offer further solution services for our customers and suppliers to meet their needs and requirements. Each of these services can also be arranged individually.

Production Services

HSH Chemie has a proven track record in providing high-quality Production Services.

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Supply Chain Solutions

HSH Chemie provides reliable and trustworthy services in Supply Chain solutions.

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Chemical Warehousing

HSH Chemie provides expertise in chemical warehousing with over four decades of experience.

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