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HSH Chemie is a chemical distributor with over three decades of experience. Our range of expertise in chemical products makes us an ideal partner, with a large portfolio of high-quality Lab Services.

Expert laboratory support and services for the chemical industry

Using our proven know-how, HSH Chemie has been delivering services in industrial chemicals for several decades. With top in-house lab facilities, we're trusted both throughout CEE and internationally for high-quality laboratory services. Our problem-solving expertise covers product development, safety, quality assurance, formula development, and testing. HSH offers high reliability and full support.

Benefits of HSH Chemie's Lab Services

Our know-how with our inhouse laboratories, means we can offer our suppliers and customers valuable benefits.

Formulation testing

Accurate and expert formula testing, ideal for both in-house and external applications.

Product Security

Standardized laboratory tests ensure the maximum level of product security.

Quality Assurance

Modern laboratories, years of know-how, and quality tests at the highest market standards.

Chemical Lab Services in over 30 countries

HSH Chemie's chemical laboratory services are underpinned by our long history as a chemical distributor. For more than 45 years, we have been providing chemical materials and associated support services across Central and Eastern Europe. As the No. 1 chemical distributor in the region, we are trusted for our high-quality service across many segments of the chemicals industry. 

With 13 regional branches, we have extensive ground-level knowledge in the areas where we operate. HSH Chemie's commitment to knowing the local culture and market conditions means we can offer the best levels of support for chemical distribution, Lab Services, material conversion, sustainability, marketing, and much more. 

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More Solution Services

In addition to our full service distribution business, we also offer further solution services for our customers and suppliers to meet their needs and requirements. Each of these services can also be arranged individually.

Production Services

HSH Chemie has a proven track record in providing high-quality Production Services.

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Supply Chain Solutions

HSH Chemie provides reliable and trustworthy services in Supply Chain solutions.

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Chemical Warehousing

HSH Chemie provides expertise in chemical warehousing with over four decades of experience.

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