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Advancing Anti-Aging effects with Apple Cell Culture Extract

Swiss Apple Stem Cells: A new beauty-from-within and Anti-Aging Ingredient to slow down aging and to improve skin perfection. This article explores the advantages of this new ingredient that can help improve skin density and elasticity.

Advancing Anti-Aging effects with Apple Cell Culture Extract

Scientists and researchers are always looking for new ingredients to slow down aging and to improve skin perfection. One such breakthrough is a new ingredient, based on the fruit stem cells from a rare Swiss apple. The powder is effective for beauty-from-within and anti-aging products in food supplements and nutraceuticals. This article explores the advantages of this new ingredient that can help improve skin density and elasticity.


The science behind the innovative apple cell culture extract

Researches have noticed that the Swiss apple Uttwiler Spaetlauber shows excellent storage characteristics. This Apple variety doesn't shrivel in winter, showing its high potential for longevity and special anti-aging properties. These characteristics were used to create a new water-soluble product. A great addition to the existing ingredients such as polyphenols, collagen peptides and vitamins.

Despite the immense potential of Uttwiler Spaetlauber apples, only a handful of these trees remain today. Therefore the unique ingredient has been developed with a highly sustainable technology. This innovative technology requires minimal plant matter (just one fruit or leaf) to create plant stem cell cultures, making it an ideal choice for environmentally friendly and sustainable growth. This enables the creation of large volumes of high-quality biomass from just a small part of the apple.

How is the apple cell culture biomass created?

  • Specific apple sections are selected and placed on solid medium under sterile conditions to induce a de-differentiated cells formation
  • Cells from stock culture are transferred to sterile flasks with a medium containing sucrose, vitamins, minerals, and synthetic plant hormones
  • Cells are grown through shaking until specific parameters are reached then about 10% of the culture is transferred to larger bio-containers
  • The culture is harvested after sugar metabolism by being filtered and washed
  • The cell culture is mixed with 15% ethanol and homogenize cells under high pressure
  • Heat treatment at 113°C with fluidized bed dryer
  • Product is spray-granulated with isomalt onto a carrier
  • Final product is a white, water-soluble mixture
  • Process follows HACCP, ISO 22000, GMP, and GHP principles

EFSA Validation: Safety approval for Apple Cell Culture Extract

In response to a request from the European Commission, EFSA's Panel on Nutrition, Novel Foods, and Food Allergens (NDA) undertook a comprehensive evaluation of the apple fruit cell culture extract. This thorough assessment aimed to ascertain its eligibility as a novel food ingredient specifically suited for adult food supplements.

The extraction process of apple cell culture extract involves the cultivation of de-differentiated apple cells under controlled conditions. The synthesis is enriched with synthetic plant hormone analogues, compliant with the stringent pesticide regulations and maximum residue levels outlined by the EU.

EFSA's validation bestows apple cell culture extract with the distinction of safety and efficacy. This recommendation is in line with with the demand for products that are thoroughly examined and inventive wellness solutions.

A great addition to the anti-aging market

The newest anti-aging solution contains apple cell culture extract and is a fantastic enhancement to our current beauty and anti-aging portfolio. It is a water-soluble powder formulated from the rare Swiss apple variety, Uttwiler Spaetlauber. Adding this ingredient to your products helps unlock the power of apple cell culture extract for lasting beauty and wellness benefits.

The apple cell culture extract has undergone rigorous testing, demonstrating its ability to enhance skin stem cell vitality by an impressive 92% compared to untreated cells. Furthermore, clinical studies involving women with sun-damaged skin revealed significant improvements in skin firmness and density, with increases of 5.9% and 10.5%, respectively. Skin elasticity also saw a positive enhancement of 4.7%.

Women expressed great satisfaction with the component: 84% stated that they felt better in their skin, 81% observed smoother skin and desired to persist with the treatment. These remarkable results validate the effectiveness in promoting youthful skin.

You want to learn more about this innovative new product that helps you improve your anti-aging supplements? Contact us now, to learn how your products can benefit from this new anti-aging ingredient.

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