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The Importance of Natural Antipollution Agents in Make-Up

In an increasingly urbanized world, air pollution has become a pressing concern for both our health and skin vitality. The rise in air pollution levels has resulted in over 90% of the global population residing in areas that fail to meet the air quality guidelines set by the World Health Organization.

The Impact of Air Pollution on Skin

Air pollution, with its harmful pollutants, presents a significant challenge, especially for those living in urban areas. Therefore, safeguarding our skin becomes increasingly crucial. Utilizing antipollution agents in cosmetics is an ideal method to achieve this.

Air pollution, with its minuscule particles, infiltrates our bodies through our skin pores, leading to oxidation, inflammation, and even DNA damage. These detrimental effects weaken the skin's barrier function, making it more susceptible to sensitivity, premature aging, and decrease skin elasticity. The skin faces a barrage of challenges, including oxidative stress, inflammation, collagen degradation, dryness, acne, and wrinkles, all attributed to the presence of major pollutants like Particulate matters, Sulfur oxides, Ozone, Nitrogen oxides, and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Natural Antipollution Agent

For professionals working in the personal care industry, searching for solutions to combat the adverse effects of pollution on the skin, can benefit from a natural antipollution agent for make-up powders. Part of our wide range of chemical ingredient are ingredients that shields the skin against pollutants and combats the negative impact on your skin.

The Secret Ingredient: Diatomaceous Earth

One of those natural antipollution agents is powered by diatomaceous earth, a mineral derived from the fossilized skeletal remains of aquatic algae known as diatoms. Its microporous structure makes it an ideal choice for personal care products. Unlike conventional antioxidant skincare products that primarily focus on repairing damage after the event, this antipollution agent works proactively by preventing harmful particles from penetrating the skin in the first place.

The benefits of this antipollution agent

This antipollution agent is engineered to offer superior performance compared to standard diatomaceous earth. Its advanced porosity provides a larger available surface area to trap even the tiniest particles, making it six times more effective in preventing skin DNA lesions. For professionals in the cosmetics industry looking to create natural and clean beauty products with skincare benefits, this antipollution agent is a great addition to enrich their Make-Up products.

Study Design for this new ingredient

  • Skin Explant Selection: Skin explants, which are skin biopsy samples, are chosen for the study. These explants are bathed in a solid and nourishing matrix, ensuring a controlled environment.
  • Application of Formulations: The prepared formulations, both with and without the antipollution agent, are applied to the skin explants. This simulates the typical use of make-up powders by consumers in their daily lives.
  • Exposure to Cigarette Smoke: To replicate a real-world scenario, the skin explants are directly exposed to cigarette smoke. This choice is made due to its high concentration of major pollutants, including PM particles.
  • Skin Analysis: After exposure to pollution, the skin explants are carefully analyzed. Two key methods are used for this analysis: HE (Hematoxylin - Eosin) staining to assess skin morphology and the γH2AX marker to detect DNA lesions.

These comprehensive steps help evaluate the efficacy of the antipollution agent in preventing damage and protecting the skin when exposed to pollutants. The study provides valuable insights into the agent's ability to safeguard the skin, making it a noteworthy addition to cosmetics products with antipollution benefits.

Laboratory studies have shown that this innovative antipollution agent outperforms traditional formulations. In these ex-vivo tests, it demonstrated a preventive effect on DNA, blocking the penetration of polluting particles, including the smallest ones, thanks to its superior porosity. It not only protects DNA but also preserves the skin's barrier function by enhancing the cohesion of the dermo epidermal junction.


For professionals in the cosmetics industry aiming to create makeup powders with antipollution benefits, this unique patented mineral technology offers an unbeatable solution. It's proven to be effective in both in-vitro and ex-vivo tests and can set your products apart in the market.

As air pollution continues to be a global concern, the need for innovative solutions to protect our skin from pollutants is paramount. This natural antipollution agent based on diatomaceous earth offers a preventive approach to skin care, safeguarding your skin from the damaging effects of pollution. For professionals looking to develop clean and natural beauty products with antipollution benefits, this is the key ingredient you've been waiting for. Elevate your product line, protect your customers' skin, and contribute to a healthier, more beautiful world.

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