HSH Hamburger Handelsgesellschaft GmbH is founded in Hamburg, Germany.


HSH Chemie GmbH establishes Hamburska Spółka Handlowa Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw, Poland. This marks the first expansion of our chemical distribution business into the Central and East European markets. In 2008 the company was renamed HSH Chemie Sp. z o.o.


HSH Chemie GmbH and Gratenau & Hesselbacher GmbH are merged. The name of HSH Chemie GmbH is kept for the new HSH Chemie Distribution Group holding company.


HSH Chemie EOOD in Sofia, Bulgaria is founded.


Parka d.o.o. Slovenia establishes Parka d.o.o. office in Serbia.


HSH Chemie Sp. z o.o. Poland founds a distribution company in Minsk, Belarus under the name of Tekom - Chemie ooo.

HSH Chemie s.r.o. Czech Republic founds a trading office in Bratislava, Slovak Republic under the name of HSH Chemie o.z. sro.

Parka d.o.o. establishes a distribution company in Zagreb, Croatia: Parka Distribucija d.o.o.


HSH Chemie GmbH extends its strategic partnership with Parka d.o.o., Slovenia, to 50%



Tecom Chemie in Belarus and Ukraine rebranded into HSH Chemie