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Our Industry Focus Groups

At HSH Chemie, we bring together more than 16 different market segments in which we are active for our customers and suppliers in our 5 Industry Focus Groups. Please select your Industry Focus Group from the buttons below.

Solution Services

In addition to our full service distribution business, we also offer further solution services for our customers and suppliers to meet their needs and requirements. Each of these services can also be arranged individually.

Production Services

HSH Chemie has a proven track record in providing high-quality Production Services.

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Supply Chain Solutions

HSH Chemie provides reliable and trustworthy services in Supply Chain solutions.

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Chemical Warehousing

HSH Chemie provides expertise in chemical warehousing with over four decades of experience.

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As we celebrate International Women's, we find ourselves on a path of progress, while recognizing the way that still lies ahead.
Join us in a heartwarming reflection on 'A Star with a Fantasy' – an event where community, compassion, and inclusivity converged to create unforgettable moments.
On March 28, 2022, HSH Chemie Group, through our holding company HSH Chemie GmbH located in Hamburg, Germany, successfully acquired 100% of the shares in A. R. Peißig GmbH.

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Latest Industry News

Our Industry News articles cover various topics from the chemical distribution and supply business as well as general topics from the chemical industry. We welcome feedback to constantly improve our editorial service for you.

In an increasingly urbanized world, air pollution has become a pressing concern for both our health and skin vitality. The rise in air pollution levels has resulted in over 90% of the global population residing in areas that fail to meet the air quality guidelines set by the World Health Organization.
In the dynamic realm of skin care and cosmetics, continual advancements redefine the beauty landscape. Among these innovations, the integration of senolytics into beauty products has emerged as a game-changer.