As a leading chemical supplier and distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, HSH Chemie provides excellent materials, technical expertise and chemical products for the Plastics Sector.

Chemical wholesaler for the Plastics Sector

HSH Chemie provides technical excellence in chemical distribution to the Plastics Sector with years of experience in the industry. With this know-how, we ensure our customers to have a reliable source of chemical products. With a reputation for trustworthiness, reliability, and technical prowess, we are the preferred partner for many companies in the Plastics sector. Our over 30 warehouses are also available in key strategic locations to simplify distribution and procurement.

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Our customers can place their trust in our chemical distribution and procurement expertise. Whether you are producing plastic compounds, pipes, cables or other plastic products, our extensive product range covers a wide variety of industry needs. Additionally, our experts will provide you with full support in your purchasing decisions.

With our expertise and reputation, you are assured of high-performance as well as commodity products, which are ABS, PS, PE, PP, PVC, PA and SBS, among others.

Note that our high-performance specialty products encompass pigments, fillers, flame retardants, special carbon black, anti aging substances such as antioxidants and UV protective substances, among many other products.

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A comprehensive portfolio and unparalleled services for the Plastics Sector

Something crucial that distinguishes us as a reliable partner is that we collaborate with trustworthy and tested suppliers to ensure high-quality products. Our customers benefit from the personal contact with our experts, this also facilitates the cooperation and helps to acquire the desired end product or to find suitable alternatives.

Our sales personnel possess specialized knowledge, providing technical support and assistance to current and would-be clients alike. Our flexibility in delivering smaller amounts as well as larger quantities allows us to cater to a wider range of customer requirements, further reinforcing our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions and technical services in the plastics sector.

Aside from the chemical products and materials for the Plastics Sector, other specialties are available on our website.

Benefits of HSH Chemie

HSH Chemie as your partner provides commercial advantages in numerous ways.

Deep Knowledge

More than 30 years of professional experience in chemical distribution in CEE.

Highest Reliability

Our mission is your satisfaction as customer or supplier. Everywhere. And always on time.

On Location

CEE is our core. That is why we have offices on location. And we have been doing so since 1989.

Strong Logistics

Over 30 warehouses at important strategic locations in CEE form a strong network.

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  • Silicone fluids
  • Special lubricants
  • Special polymers - polyvinyl alcohol base
  • Stabilizers for PVC