HSH Chemie is an industry wide renowned distributor of chemical products for the Pharma industry. With over 30 years of experience and know-how and a highly reliable supplier network, we're the No. 1 Chemical Distributor in CEE.

Professional chemical distribution with a wide supplier network

HSH Chemie's broad network makes us a known and reliable chemical distributor in Central and Eastern Europe. We have over 30 warehouses at key strategic locations. Our more than 30 years of experience with chemical materials means we offer our customers know-how and problem-solving skills for Pharma production and distribution. With extensive regional knowledge, we can direct customers to the right products, such as extracts, essential oils, aroma chemicals and branded ingredients at the right time. And with a dedicated service team on hand, we're able to offer full support throughout the procurement process.

Depending on what it is you need, we offer both branded specialties and tailor-made solutions. HSH Chemies also provides technical assistance when partially active substances are required. As an experienced high-quality chemical distributor, we can supply a wide range of chemical materials as well as excipients for the Pharma industry. These being, among others, glycerin, talcum powder, MCC, colorants, vitamines, minerals, amino acids, in addition to antioxidants and acidity regulators, emulsifiers, stabilizers, fillers, sweeteners, and thickeners. 

We are also experts with probiotics, nutraceutical additives, surfactants, solvents, catalysts, intermediates, and couriers. Our range and quality mean that customers trust us to provide them with the specialist Pharma chemical products they need.

Quality and reliability for the Pharma industry

We provide many value-added services and an extraordinary degree of technical support that is in keeping with our in-depth knowledge of local markets in the Pharma industry. Therefore, HSH Chemie is the technically adept firm you could turn to for your supply chain needs with such a well-deserved reputation for top-quality products in the CEE.

Your selection simplified with product groups

With our extensive chemical product expertise and over three decades of experience, we've secured access to a comprehensive assortment of industrial chemicals for many applications. Safety, quality, reliability, efficiency, and traceability are all integral to what we offer companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector today. From natural, unique, sustainable branded additives, neutraceuticals, nutritional actives, excipients to solvents, catalysts, intermediates and other sophisticated products, HSH Chemie can supply reliably high-quality ingredients for all Pharma requirements with efficacy tests and clinical studies. 

Benefits of HSH Chemie

HSH Chemie as your partner provides commercial advantages in numerous ways.

Deep Knowledge

More than 30 years of professional experience in chemical distribution in CEE.

Highest Reliability

Our mission is your satisfaction as customer or supplier. Everywhere. And always on time.

On Location

CEE is our core. That is why we have offices on location. And we have been doing so since 1989.

Strong Logistics

Over 30 warehouses at important strategic locations in CEE form a strong network.

Product Group Search

To simplify product selection, we group our chemical materials by their appropriate industrial sector. It's easy to find the right Pharma chemicals on our website, as well as full information on materials for many other sectors.


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