Looking Back at in-cosmetics 2024

As every year, the in-cosmetics trade show once again opened its doors to the cosmetics and personal care industry. We were present in Paris with our booth and want to take a look back at these three exciting days.


A Vibrant Gathering of Beauty Innovators at in-cosmetics 2024

The in-cosmetics 2024 event in Paris was a lively meeting point for industry leaders and innovators from all corners of the beauty world. This year, we saw an exciting mix of new products and breakthrough technologies that are set to change how we think about beauty and care products. The event spanned three days packed with insightful talks and demonstrations, highlighting the latest trends and innovations. The energy was high as attendees exchanged ideas and explored new possibilities, showing just how passionate the community is about advancing beauty through science.

Our Booth - A Team Effort

Our booth at in-cosmetics 2024 was not just a display space but a hub for engagement, exchange, and communication. With our open design that invited guests to step in and feel welcome, our booth catering also offered French pastries and a small lunch for staff and guests, enhancing the friendly and hospitable atmosphere. Our dedicated team, tirelessly working throughout the three days, was instrumental in orchestrating these interactions and ensuring every visitor received personal attention.

Comfortable couches in a lounge area provided a private space where deeper discussions could take place away from the bustling show floor. The overall mood at our stand was exceptionally positive, reflecting the enthusiasm and interest of everyone who visited. This setup facilitated not just business discussions but also a genuine sharing of ideas and experiences.


Thanks and Forward Thoughts

As we wrap up a successful in-cosmetics 2024, we owe a big thank you to everyone involved. From our hardworking team who made our presence a success to every visitor who took the time to stop by and talk with us. We want to acknowledge our long-time partners and all the new connections we made; your enthusiasm and feedback are vital to our improvement. We're excited about the future and the opportunities to grow these new relationships. As we look forward to the next in-cosmetics, we are already planning how to introduce even more innovative solutions. For more information and to continue the conversation about personal care solutions, please visit our dedicated page on our website.

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