NutraFood 2024 - Our Recap

From April 16th to 18th, 2024, we participated for the first time as an exhibitor at NutraFood in Warsaw. Here are our reflections and key takeaways from the event.


Our First Appearance at NutraFood 2024

This year, HSH Chemie debuted at NutraFood 2024 in Warsaw, and the feedback was encouraging. Our team, energized by engaging discussions, welcomed both long-standing customers and new faces. Our booth served as a dynamic space where attendees could interact with us directly, try out product samples, and learn more about what makes our offerings stand out. Special thanks to our dedicated team on the trade show floor; their knowledge and passion effectively conveyed what HSH Chemie is all about—quality products and dedicated service.

Insights and Connections

Our participation at NutraFood 2024 provided valuable insights into the food industry's current landscape. Direct interactions with both existing and potential clients helped to reinforce our relationships and opened doors to new partnerships. These interactions highlighted the importance of personal engagement in understanding client needs and staying aligned with market developments.


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