Services we offer are designed to meet the needs of our suppliers and customers:

  • Local warehouses supply
  • Direct deliveries (from the suppliers to the customers)
  • Vendor managed inventory programmes (consignment stock programmes)

As a Group we operate 23 local warehouse locations for best possible regional coverage, cost effective, reliable and fast delivery. All warehouses are equipped to meet the latest European requirements for safety and environmental standards.

We exclusively offer factory packed materials manufactured with maximum environmentally friendly worldwide standards. This also ensures that our customers get only brand name quality products.

For logistics services we collaborate only with environmentally responsible transport companies. In addition, our Group Compliance Officer is responsible for legal information updates, SDS database administration and correct product labelling for safe transport.

For our food business we have adapted HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) to assure the safety and quality of the food additives and ingredients we supply.
We also comply with GTDP (Good Trade and Distribution Practices).

For detailed information about a specific country profile please check our HSH Group map.