Tea Day

Tea day is here! Did you know that tea is the world’s most consumed beverage, after water? It is an amazing drink available in wide variety of different flavours and types that can differ according to the applied oxidation and fermentation technique. It has been used on every occasion from a simple morning drink to the central element of certain social and religious rituals

At HSH Chemie, we also love drinking tea and we contribute to the development of flavoured tea with our products. We have supported the tea industry for decades, through flavouring black and green, rooibos and instant teas as well as fruit and herbal infusions.

Together with our partners we set innovative trends and design unique solutions based on a wide range of all possible flavour nuances. Whether fruity, sweet or chocolaty, powdered, granulated, liquid or encapsulated – providing great flavours is our strength. Natural flavours with organic certification are also included in our product range.

HSH Chemie partners’ flavourists meet and shape the desires of our customers with their innovative and imaginative creations. Our experts have been always tracking the buzz on markets and current trends around the world to bring optimal solutions.

If you ould you like to get know more please feel free to contact our flavours experts across CEE for more details and/or samples or formulations.

And now let’s have a cup of tea to celebrate!

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