Sunflower power for hair care

Effectiveness of hair conditioners is a basis for demanding consumers, however in the recent years, they have also increasingly desired for more sustainable and environmental friendly hair care products.

In order to meet both these needs, HSH Chemie brings a high-performing, sustainable, hair conditioning agent, that is derived from non-GMO sunflower oil, sourced locally, what is great alternative to a palm. It does not contain any preservatives, drying alcohols, solvents and silicones and comprises 100% total cationic and emollient actives. Its environmental footprint is at a low level as it’s readily biodegradable.

When it comes to performance it has a strong detangling power, even better than usually used raw materials in leave-on conditioners. It also has great substantivity and at the same time it is easy to be removed with the next shampoo, which ensures a long-lasting effect without build-up!

It is also enjoyable for formulators to work with this 100% active fluid for easier, faster and safer processes. All kinds of textures and product forms can be considered, from liquids, to creams and even solids. You can explore it and be creative!

Would you like to check this flower power and get know more? Please feel free to contact our Personal & Home Care Experts across CEE for further details and/or samples or formulations.

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