Pea & faba protein

Consumers concern over planetary condition and human health is the key driving factor behind the plant-based food trend, which include strict diets like veganism and also flexitarian approach (reducing meat and dairy intake). This consumer interest has resulted in a wave of innovation in plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, opening wide possibilities for plant protein ingredients. In animal protein categories like dairy and meat, vegan replacements are rising. Soy protein is the most popular but peas are becoming more widely used in recent years.

HSH Chemie has support this trend and has to offer a great pea protein and faba protein from passionate plant protein manufacturers. Those ingredients are derived using only dry mechanical processing without use of any additives or chemical compounds what leads to low allergenic, healthy, sustainable and high-value pea and faba ingredients that helps your final products to become a more transparent and a clean label product, and therefore more appealing to end consumers.

In addition to be sustainable and non-allergenic, pea and faba beans are nutritious, containing protein, starch, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Also our textured proteins are healthy alternatives to textured soy protein by reducing allergenic- and estrogen issues, and GMO concerns.

Functional benefits:
  • Binder and extender for reduced-fat-meat products
  • Replaces meat leading to lowers costs
  • Increases water binding capacity
  • Retains fat, improves yield and mouthfeel
  • Pulping texture in sauces
  • Replaces solids in sauces which reduces cost
  • Viscosity and binding properties
  • Dough rheology: Increased water absorption and flour strength, reduced gluten tenacity
Application examples:
  • Binder for vegan meat
  • Increase viscosity in sauces
  • Gluten-free biscuits, crackers & pasta
  • Bread improver
  • Potato- and tapioca starch replacement in sausages and snacks
Both pea and faba protein offer an excellent amino acid profile and has better levels of lysine and glutamine than other plant-based proteins. Our offered proteins aims to be leading in functionality and available in various forms but in addition to standard product range, there is an option for tailormade solutions to perfectly fit your needs.

If you want to get know more please feel free contact our food experts across CEE for more details and/or samples or formulations.

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