Muffin Day

Do you know that it is MuffinDay today? English muffins have been baked as far back as a thousand years ago in Wales, and American style muffins have been around since the 18th century. Dessert? Breakfast? Brunch? Muffins works great for all of these occasions. They are a good breakfast on the run, a perfect alternative for toast during brunch, and an easy treat to make and give as a gift.

HSH Chemie supports muffins baking by offering wide range of flavours applied to the dough: natural, nature identical or encapsulated. Among them you can find classic ones as cream, chocolate, strawberry and lemon but we can also offer more sophisticated compositions as Chai-arabic style czy Blueberry- Curd. Developing innovative taste concepts which are tailored to the respective customer and desired application area is also an option.

Feel free to contact our Food Experts across CEE for further detail information and/or samples or formulations.

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