Honey ferment for restoring skin

Consumers' appetite for natural cosmetics products goes up every year and producers seek to surprise them with increasingly creative formulas and compositions with unusual ingredients to trigger wow-effects. One of such innovative, and natural concept that HSH Chemie has in the portfolio is honey ferment.

It is active ingredient resulted from the fermentation of honey of a rare and old dark bee “Apis mellifera” with the bacteria “Zymomonas mobilis” and it was created to restore the skin microflora after stress to ensure a healthy and pure skin.

Studies have shown that this active promotes a faster regeneration of the skin flora after washing as well as the restoration of the skin barrier. Additionally, fermented black bee honey reduces sebum production and improves the uniformity of oily and uneven facial skin. Only 15 minutes after a single application on a sheet mask, it showed a considerable improvement of impure skin of volunteers living in urban, polluted locations.

Main benefits:
  • Reducing sebum production for a matte and pure skin
  • Regenerating the skin microflora after washing
  • Protecting and strengthens the skin barrier
  • Sheet masks
  • Mattifying skin care
  • Anti-blemish formulations
  • Sensitive skin care
Marketing benefits:
  • Honey of a rare and extremely resistant Swiss bee
  • Honey is a precious ingredient for skin care with a long tradition
  • Assists general skin microbiota recovery
  • Sheet mask formulation with proven efficacy
  • Prize and awards in the category “Natural Product”

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