Food coating solutions

Make your products better, tastier and crispier with our food coating solutions. No matter if it's meat, fish, snacks or vegetarian products, our offered batters, breadcrumbs and blends can enrich your products with the best bite, vivid colours and delightful flavour.

Consumers are often looking for unique and distinctive taste of food. They want to enjoy, try new things, cross lines and be inspired. Tasting experience involves not only flavour, but it’s also multiple senses: aroma (smell) and presentation (sight) what contribute to an appetite for food.

HSH Chemie offers solutions appealing to each of the senses with the most intense flavours, that is taste, texture, aroma and colour. Right balance of herbs and ingredients is the strength of our offer and crucial for the great taste experience. Quality and crunchiness are also guaranteed, even after preparation in the oven or air fryer. Inspiring by taste trends from different parts of the world contributes to compiling large variety of distinctive flavours and offering the best possible taste adventure. Pure, authentic and surprising!

Benefits for the consumer:
  • Unique taste
  • Stimulation of all the senses
  • Inspiring, worldly tastes
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Clean label
  • Vegan friendly
Benefits for the producer:
  • Ready-made concepts
  • No need for seasoning in the core (cost reduction, reduction in complexity)
  • Wide range of the assortment
  • Top-level ratings from the consumers
  • Taste retention after preparation

Together with our partners, we would be happy to find a tailor-made solution and advise you how to implement it in your production process. We could help you to improve your products to be healthier and tastier. Feel free to contact our Food Experts across CEE for further detail information and/or samples or formulations.

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