HSH Chemie Distribution Group Headquarters: HSH Chemie GmbH
Lilienstraße 15
D - 20095 Hamburg
Private ownership: 60% “Rather GmbH”, Hamburg, Germany
40% “Ter Hell & Co. GmbH”, Hamburg, Germany
Management: Stephan Löhden
Stefan Rather
Frank Raabe
Annual sales 2016: 171 million EUR (distribution and agency)
Employees 2016: more than 200
Locations and business coverage: 20 countries served by 12 sales offices throughout CEE
Warehouses: 24 independent warehouses locations
Compliance Management:

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ESAD assessment
RC (national associations) / RC (FECC)
CSR assessment (EccoVadis silver level)
Code of conduct

Main features:

Trust and transparency business approach
Strong balance sheet with high capital ratio
Optimum market access
Professional marketing approach
Experienced technical competence
Strong communication network