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  • Gratenau & Hesselbacher GmbH, a trading company established in Hamburg, Germany in 1874, decides to spin off the chemical trading business which had been incorporated along with a distribution business in 1930. A separate legal entity is formed and continues the chemical business as Gratenau & Hesselbacher Chemie GmbH.


  • HSH Hamburger Handelsgesellschaft GmbH is founded in Hamburg, Germany.


  • HSH Hamburger Handelsgesellschaft GmbH is renamed HSH Chemie GmbH.


  • HSH Chemie GmbH, Germany establishes Hamburska Spółka Handlowa Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw, Poland. This marks the first expansion of our chemical distribution business into the Central and Eastern European markets. In 2008, the company is renamed HSH Chemie Sp. z o.o.


  • Goldmann HSH Sp. z o.o., a joint venture between S. Goldmann GmbH in Bielefeld, Germany and HSH Chemie GmbH, Germany, is founded in Warsaw, Poland to distribute food additives and food ingredients on the Polish market. In 2012, the company is renamed Goldmann Sp. z o.o.


  • HSH Chemie GmbH, Germany and Gratenau & Hesselbacher GmbH, Germany are merged. The name of HSH Chemie GmbH is kept for the holding company of the new HSH Chemie Distribution Group.


  • HSH Chemie Distribution Group expands its business in Eastern Europe. HSH Chemie s.r.o. in Prague, Czech Republic, HSH Chemie Kft. in Budapest, Hungary and HSH Chemie S.R.L. in Bucharest, Romania are founded.

  • Parka d.o.o., Slovenia and the HSH Chemie Distribution Group enter into a strategic alliance covering the territory of former Yugoslavia.


  • HSH Chemie EOOD in Sofia, Bulgaria is founded.


  • Ter Hell & Co. GmbH, Germany, acquires a 40% share of HSH Chemie GmbH, Germany and therefore keeps a 40% share of the HSH Chemie Distribution Group. The TER GROUP, with more than 100 years of experience in the chemical distribution business and with a network of companies in Western Europe, Asia and USA, strengthens the position of the HSH Chemie Distribution Group in the European distribution industry and creates new opportunities for both groups.


  • Parka d.o.o., Slovenia establishes its subsidiary Parka d.o.o., Serbia in the city of Belgrade.


  • HSH Chemie Sp. z o.o., Poland acquires a 50% share of the Ukrainian chemical distribution company Tekom Ltd. in Kiev. The remaining 50 % are acquired in 2011.


  • HSH Chemie Sp. z o.o., Poland founds a distribution company in Minsk, Belarus under the name of Tekom - Chemie ooo.

  • HSH Chemie s.r.o., Czech Republic founds a trading office in Bratislava, Slovakia under the name of HSH Chemie o.z. s.r.o.

  • Parka d.o.o., Slovenia establishes a distribution company in Zagreb, Croatia under the name of Parka Distribucija d.o.o.


  • After 10 years of highly successful strategic cooperation with the Parka Group in the former Yugoslavian countries, HSH Chemie GmbH, Germany acquires 26 % of the shares of Parka d.o.o., Slovenia.


  • HSH Chemie GmbH, Germany extends its strategic partnership with the Parka Group by increasing its share of Parka d.o.o., Slovenia from 26 to 50 %.


  • The trading office in Slovakia is transformed into an official subsidary of HSH Chemie s.r.o., Czech Republic under the name of HSH Chemie SK s.r.o.


  • Tecom Chemie with companies in Belarus and Ukraine is rebranded HSH Chemie.


  • After 20 years of successful partnership, HSH Chemie GmbH, Germany becomes the sole owner of the Parka Group with companies
    in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, by acquiring the remaining 50 % share of Parka d.o.o., Slovenia.

  • Parka Group companies are rebranded HSH Chemie.

  • As of January 1st, the one-brand strategy is completed by a rebranding with a new logo and corporate identity for the whole HSH Chemie Group.


  • Rather GmbH purchases 40 % of HSH Chemie shares from TER Hell & Co. GmbH. Therefore, as of January 2020, the former majority shareholder Rather GmbH becomes the sole shareholder of the HSH Chemie GmbH, Germany.

  • HSH Chemie expands its activities in the Baltics and founds a new Latvian subsidiary HSH Chemie SIA.
    The office is located in Riga and covers the markets of all three Baltic states: Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.